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The river Fyris at night Winter darkness, pandemic, and work 7 days/week; and in the middle of it all, suddenly there's this beauty. I needed that. :) Also, this time of year marks where we start getting longer days again. Right now the sun sets about 6 hours after sunrise, with the weather most days being just a grey uni-cloud; but 6 months from now there will be 18 hours between sunrise and sunset.
Verifying the quality of the 3D-printer, that we'll be using to print the "cases" for the hardware I'm designing for a project. (Currently using stock RPI0, as can be seen in the second picture.)
3D printed case
Tiny computers, high resolution display, 3D printed case
The struggle with branding in a world with fewer and fewer available domain names is real. I recently got Open Media ID (openmedia.id) for a project, which I'm quite happy with; but I'm also keeping an already launched commercial project simply the way that I would do consoluting, just because there's no obvoius available (domain) name for it. 😣 At least none that I'm happy with. I dunno. There's just this expectation, perhaps placed on me by myself, that I either fix someone else's problem (i.e. consult), or build a company (i.e. provide ready-made solutions); but perhaps I should just whilte label a series of products?! No branding to deal with, no website, no nothing; just creating damn good products, and network my way to meetings with potential customers. It's tempting. And, to me it's a new way of thinking. Which is an absolutely beautiful way of starting a new week. Happy monday, everyone. 👋
My latest side-project: Open Uppsala (OpenUppsala.se). Being "stuck" (🦠🔐) in Uppsala I realized that our small, but very talented, tech community is lacking a coordinated effort to highlight our open community; the people, businesses, and projects, that work with open source and/or open data. So, I decided to create such a project. Right now openuppsala.se is kept "prelaunch", to give the local community a chance to react (to make sure there's no overlap with what some other group is about to launch); and I'm also trying to get a feel for where things are heading among businesses in post-vacation time. Stay tuned.
Resetting the timeline, and making this a journal of my current project. This website will very much have a personal perspective; but it will be future-facing, and with a focus on the realization of technologies that I've been working on for a while now. Short introduction: I'm originally one of those old school, Gen X, self-taught computer nerds; well versed in all things internet, down to the underlying protocols, and back through history. Starting during the dotcom-era I've also been active as a startup consultant, business developer etc. Overall making me a not too shabby strategist within a number of areas; as a technologist being both a very wide generalist, and in some areas a "deep tech" specialist. My current project has a long-term goal that's a couple of years into the future; but along the way you'll see me develop and release some products and services.
The river Fyris
📍(🦠🔐): Uppsala (🇸🇪) Spending the lockdown almost exclusively in Uppsala; but drop me an email if you've got an interesting project somewhere warmer and sunnier. ;)