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Covid-19 update: I got it, and damn how I kept feeling sick and without energy afterwards. Still trying to get back on track.
Update on me dropping LinkedIn and discouraging salespeople from contacting me through this website: Although far from enough data to actually be proven statistically significant it actually appears to have worked. My inbox and spam folder actually has way fewer cold emails trying to sell some (often IT/offshore) services (that I as a developer easily could code myself). I'm positively surprised; and I'll just take this as yet another sign of how LinkedIn has outlived its purpose and become the Facebook of the business world (which sure ain't no compliment).
A bowl of ramen
📍Tokyo Ramen I'm "post-pandemic" back in Sthlm at least semi-regularly again. 👋 But, during lockdown I pretty much went fully vegan, and I now find it a bit of a challenge to conveniently locate good vegan food in Sthlm. Most of the time I do find the (low-lactose) vegetarian options sort of acceptable; but please drop me a line with any restaurant recommendations that you might have. :)
Tomorrow is the day that Steve Jobs passed away; and I see a lot of people getting in on the "trend" of talking about how he touched their lives. My story isn't that great, I got exactly just one e-mail from him. As a young entrepreneur I had e-mailed him at one of his addresses that hadn't quite become common knowledge yet, and his reply just said that he wanted to know more about the project I was working on. But… being a very inexperienced entrepreneur I was still in that phase where I thought it was important to not in any way talk about your idea. That even just the basic idea itself had to be vigorously defended with NDAs. So, my second e-mail didn't impress him as much, I think. In any case I didn't hear from him again. And that's my "Steve Jobs was interested in my work"-claim to fame. 😄
Deleted my LinkedIn profile. I've never liked LinkedIn, I've never taken LinkedIn seriously; and I absolutely abhor how putting on a pretty façade about your past at LinkedIn somewhow seems more important than what you're doing next in your life. (Perhaps I'll come crawling back when I miss not being able to look people up. But for now I'll try a more forward facing approach to work; and life in general.)
Dear salespeople and recruiters: No, just no! But, let's play a game: Guess what I value my daily rate at and transfer your contact details with 10% of that amount (through Revolut ↑), and I'll give you up to an hour of my time in a video call; as long as you don't lowball. 😁
The river Fyris
📍(🦠🔐): Uppsala (🇸🇪)